Here is a rundown on my DMR gear, the set-up and some lessons-learned.

  1. Radios:
    1. Anytone D-AT868-UV Version 2.33
    2. Anytone D-AT878-UV Plus Version 1.17
  2. Hotspots: Two R-Pi 3B SBCs, each with an MMDVM (JumboSpot) single-band HAT
    1. Pi-star version 4.1 RC8
    2. one w/ 2.4″ Nextion Enhanced Display, the other a 3.5″ display
  3. Hotspot: R-Pi Zero W with a Zumspot HAT
    1. Pi-star version 4.1 RC8

Backup your config file before making changes!! Pi-star v. 4 has a nice feature where you can load a new version onto the micro SD card and then place your saved config file in the root folder on the card. When you re-boot the R-pi with the new Pi-star version Pi-star will auto-magically load your config and restore MOST of your setting including your WiFi configuration. Caveat!: You should always review ALL of your settings to correct any that have reverted to default after a significant update/upgrade!