COM Port fun with the FTDX3000!

The virtual COM port manager COM0COM allows the creation of multiple virtual COM ports. Applications such as DX Commander and N1MM+ can then use these ports to connect to your radio. But there must be an application such as WIN4Yaesu which shares all of the COM0COM Virtual COM Ports with the real COM Port. This is depicted in the graphic above. It works! I can actually have every listed application at the top running all at the same time with no conflicts! This is a simplified look at the concept. The COM port settings for each application must be correctly set – that is the rub! Trials, tribulations and errors lead me to success with Fldigi the biggest challenge. N1MM+ works but there are conflicts so when contesting with N1MM+ I only run that through COM0COM –> Win4Yaesu. Fldigi works fine in that environment. Despite all of the guidance on the web – there is no “right” answer. There are too many variables in operating system SW, versions, hardware and the myriad of other SW which could be installed. This worked for me.

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